Baba retoucher was born of 3 individuals from photographic (advertising), media and fine art backgrounds, who have been working together in the retouching industry since 2005. In 2008 we established 'Digital touch' - realizing our shared vision of a retouching studio where an appreciation of the photographic image is reflected in our approach to retouching.

Our approach to retouching is confident, creative, and consistent, and has grown from the challenges and experiences of working with photographers and agencies. Our professional backgrounds span from conventional film to today's digital capture age. As such, we have a broad experience of the different processes involved in the creation of the image, which, combined with our 'Digital Touch' vision ensures that every job we undertake will be finished to the highest of standards, both technically and aesthetically.

We love our work, and we hope that you will love working with us too.

粑粑是一家精品潤色修飾的工作室,位於印度德里的創意樞紐。 '巴巴潤色'屬於Imagesnfashion媒體誕生了3個人從攝影(廣告),媒體和美術的背景,已經合作了修飾行業自2005年以來,